The Magredi Nozzle works great in 15" to 60" pipe.  This Nozzle needs a min of 40 GPM and has a max pressure of 3,500 PSI.  Makes easy work of removing sand, sludge, stones, rocks and debris from the pipe.

Skid shaped heavy nozzle for floor cleaning in flat pipes. Applications: sand, sludge, mud, stones, rocks, etc.

Nozzle is a virtual water shovel in larger lines. Works in 15" - 60" Pipe

All Inserts are Ceramic Use with rotary swivel.

PDF icon Click to download Magredi specifications.
Width x Length (in) 6.3" x 14"
Weight 37.5 lbs
Jet Angle 0°/5°10°/15°/25°
Inserts 9 x M10 x 1
Pressure (PSI) up to 3,500
Flow (GPM) 40 - 100 GPM
Part Number 65500.87

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